For even the most financially literate, planning for retirement can be a challenging undertaking. The days of relying solely on your pension and Social Security to satisfy your income needs during retirement are quickly disappearing. In the current economic climate, low interest rates coupled with high market volatility have made retirement planning increasingly challenging and more important than ever before.

One of the most difficult aspects of retirement planning is the mental shift it requires. Prior to retirement, your financial life was dictated by an earning and saving paradigm. We call this the “accumulation phase.” Once you retire, however, you will no longer be earning a paycheck to save. This means you’ll need to generate an income through other sources. We call this your “distribution phase.”

The first step to creating sufficient income to last throughout all your retirement years is understanding that savings is not the same as income. Saving for retirement was the goal during your working life, but now is the time to begin using those savings to create the retirement income you’ll need for the rest of your remaining years. It’s a process that can be made easier by enlisting the services of Financial Protection Consultants.

FPC can help you define your retirement goals and evaluate your current financial position. We can help you design a retirement plan capable of generating, in a reliable and sustainable manner, the income you will need for your entire retirement years. We call this your “private pension” plan.

You worked hard your entire career to accumulate savings and now is the time to let us help you determine whether a “private pension” plan is right for you.  One such strategy that many of our clients choose is theGreen Line.”

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Financial Protection Consultants recommends that you contact your State insurance regulator to check out every agent, producer and insurance carrier before making any purchase decision. State regulators exist to protect consumers. Quality financial service providers, such as FPC, are proud of their record of educating and servicing their clients.

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