Did you know that approximately 75% of everyone who reaches 65 years old will require some form of long term care? Dealing with an unplanned long-term care event can create an emotional, physical and financial devastation to your entire ltc 3family. Planning is the key. A CLTC certified LTC planning specialist can help you identify your options.

At Financial Protection Consultants, accounting for your long-term care needs is a lot more than simply identifying the best insurance policy within your budget. It’s about designing a comprehensive strategy to help protect your family, income and assets. Do you want your family to feel “obligated” regarding your care? Will you need to choose between health and financial future? Choose us to help you develop a plan that helps ensure your long-term care needs are met, but not at the expense of your finances.

What is long-term care?

Many of us worry about who would take care of us if something happens, and no one wants to be a burden. Long term care (LTC) is the assistance or supervision you may need when you are not able to do some of the basic activities of daily living (ADL) such as:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Eating
  • Continence
  • Toileting
  • Moving in and out of bed

A need for long term care may result from:

  • Accidents
  • Illness
  • Advanced aging
  • Stroke
  • Other chronic conditions

Providing long-term care can be time consuming, expensive and exhausting. Help protect your family and get the information you need to see if long-term care insurance should be a part of your plan. To learn more, explore long term care options and the cost of long term care and the Impact of Long Term Care.

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How will you pay for long term care?

There are four options to pay for Long term care expenses. Choose any of the links to see how that option covers long term care.


What does long term care insurance cover?

It is important that you understand what services your long term care insurance policy covers and how it covers the many types of long term care services you might need to use. Policies may cover the following:

  • Nursing home care
  • Home health care
  • Respite care
  • Hospice care
  • Personal care in your home
  • Services in assisted living facilities
  • Services in adult day care centers
  • Services in other community facilities

What does long term care insurance not cover?

All long term care insurance policies have limitations and exclusions. It’s best to review these with a CLTC licensed insurance agent.

Covering the gap

Long term care insurance policies may provide choices and flexibility for your long term care needs. The cost of a long term care insurance policy depends, in part, on the type and amount of services and benefits you choose to cover, your age, and your health.

How will you cover long term care needs? To speak with a licensed agent,

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1 Long Term Care Claims Experience Data for Genworth Life Insurance Company and affiliates – December 1974 through March 2014.

2 Out of Pocket coverage is based on your budget.


Financial Protection Consultants recommends that you contact your State insurance regulator to check out every agent, producer and insurance carrier before making any purchase decision. State regulators exist to protect consumers. Quality financial service providers, such as FPC, are proud of their record of educating and servicing their clients.

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