FPC Services

Retirement Planning – See how we can help you build a retirement plan for a comfortable and secure retirement using safety, control & clarity.

Long-Term Care Planning – Protect your family from the emotional, physical and financial devastation associated with a long term care event. Planning helps ensure that your exposure is minimized.

Lifetime Income Plans – We can show you a variety of “personal pension” strategies that can provide lifetime income for you and your spouse.

Second-Opinion Services – We’ll help you identify both: i) the real performance of your current advisor and portfolio; and ii) what fees and expenses you’re really paying.

Educational Seminars – We offer educational seminars on a variety of subjects, all relating to long-term care and retirement planning. Our seminars are held at various venues around the region.

Investment/Advisory Services – Provided by Brian K. Wolfe and Gradient Advisors, LLC.

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The FPC Process

ID-1002969821. We Listen

Our initial consultation includes comprehensive fact finding to assess your needs and concerns so we can determine how to best help you. We’re very good listeners.

17-29-32-469_640 2. Research and Professional Analysis

Once we understand your needs, concerns and objectives, we go to work conducting a thorough analysis to identify appropriate options, specific for you.

spreadsheets-24956_6403. Present Our Analysis Using Proprietary Reports

We want you have complete clarity. Our reports will help you understand all the important issues so you can make the best choice possible.

  • Rule of 100 – Shows if your assets are properly allocated based on your risk tolerance.
  • Social Security Maximization – Shows how to maximize your social security benefits.
  • Custom Annuity Review – Provides a breakdown of fees, risk and performance of your current annuities.
  • Life Insurance Audit – Can your current policy lapse? Provides alternative strategies to optimize current coverage.
  • Long-Term Care Planning – Are your family and assets protected if you need care? Create a plan to avoid a long-term care crisis.

Advice you can trust4. Customized Recommendations

We’ll make recommendations specific to your needs, concerns, objectives and best interests.

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5. Help Implement the Plan

Implement the plan, when you are ready, and monitor to keep you on track.

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Financial Protection Consultants recommends that you contact your State insurance regulator to check out every agent, producer and insurance carrier before making any purchase decision. State regulators exist to protect consumers. Quality financial service providers, such as FPC, are proud of their record of educating and servicing their clients.

Missouri Dept. of Insurance  (573) 751-3518  Agent/Agency Search

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